I’m back for 2023!!

I’ve been away from this website for too long.

I’ve taken down some very stale posts and I’ve got some plans for the year ahead. Between work and my personal passions, I should have plenty to write about this year.

All of my product development has transitioned from PowerPC and the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) VxWorks to embedded Linux on Intel and ARM. I have lots to learn but I’m more excited about work than I’ve been in years. I have multiple new designs in development so I’ll be learning under pressure which is the best way for me. I just can’t learn as much from a book as I do working hands on. I need to solve difficult problems under pressure to truly burn new skills into my brain. Anyone can “learn” a new technology but it’s like learning a foreign language, when we think in the new language, you’ve fully learned something. Maybe, I can tell some good stories in these blog’s pages.

I’m interested in … well everything frankly but I will try and focus this year. Most likely, no one will read this but it’s fun to look back a couple years now.

Work is more insane than ever but I plan to spend more time writing and less time on my hardware/software hacks. Later in the year, I may get back to hardware but at the moment you just can’t buy the parts. So I’ll be sticking to software until the supply chain gets back to normal.

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