Cox TV Flex Watch

Is this the future of cable TV?  A new package from Cox Cable makes a tempting offer for a cord cutter wanna be.  These days more and more customers are cutting the cord and relying on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.  Many more customers want to drop the bloated cable channel packages that force you to buy 200+ channels to get the 7-8 channels the average viewer actually watches but remain subscribers for either sports or a favorite channel like HBO.

Now Cox Cable is helping to close that gap with a special bundle designed to keep cord cutters as TV subscribers. The Cox TV Flex Watch package includes  their Internet Prefered package with 25 Mbps download speed, the TV Starter local HD channels, an interactive on-screen guide, on demand programming, 45 channels of commercial-free digital quality music, an HD receiver, plus HBO and Starz for $60/month to start and $80/month after the promotional period. That’s the same as the price for just the internet to start and the extra $20 a month provides real channels I’m likely to watch.

Cox offer me my local sports channels and maybe ESPN for a reasonable price and I’m in

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