FIOS is coming

Sometimes the fates converge and I think this is one of those moments.  Right after I started my recent efforts to reduce our cable/internet/phone bill, I noticed a large number of Dig Safe markings on the road and grass covered right of ways in my neighborhood.  The mystery was solved a few days later when we received a notice from a Verizon FIOS contractor letting us know they would be installing underground fiber on our street.
While I’m excited about the idea of fiber to the house, I’m much more interested in a new local cable TV market with two equal competitors.  The last time we called our current cable company looking for a better deal; our provider was unwilling to reduce our bill since I believe they realized we lacked any equivalent options.   I don’t find Satellite providers an acceptable alternative and Verizon had previously skipped our development due to its underground utilities but now we have options, good options.
Some of the recent Verizon introductory offers are impressive but are less so in our case due to our current configuration.  Of course, the most impressive deals include TV, internet, and phone but I’ve happily removed our landline from the control of my cable provider.  Not having to port your phone number every time to you change cable providers should greatly ease the process of switching to the cable provider with the best offer.  This is some ways is similar to never using the cable provider’s domain name in your email address.  Use a Gmail account or similar provider or use your own domain name like I do and you’ll save yourself a headache the next time you switch. Given that getting a good price on cable almost demands changing provides every couple years, it seems smart to plan ahead.

Deals for the two service FIOS TV and internet bundles have far less in the way of savings then the three service packages but are still much cheaper than our current cable provider.  Our issue is the added cost of each TV on FIOS.  Verizon requires a box for each TV and their set top boxes are also more expensive.  We still keep a number of old sets throughout the house: guest room, kitchen, treadmill, craft/sewing area but these extra box costs eat up most of the additional savings.  I’m considering dropping those outlets but I’d rather keep them.  Our decision to changes providers is still up in the air but I’m leaning toward FIOS at the moment. 

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