Waiting for a piece of Raspberry Pi

I was one of the lucky folks who got in an order for a Raspberry Pi computer before the stock ran out and the servers melted down.  It will still be a few days before my credit card sized computer arrives so  now it’s time to buy the support hardware. The websites didn’t have the kits available when I put in my order. That would have been much easier and lower risk … but way more expensive.

For the power supply, I just ordered a used BlackBerry charger for $5.98 with free Amazon Prime shipping.  That supply provides a 5VDC source at the required 700mA. Simple and cheap.

I’m going to hold off on ordering a wireless keyboard and mouse/click-pad until I understand better what will be compatible.  In the end, I intend to program with a wired keyboard and mouse but I need something wireless and smaller for the XBMC media player application I have in mind. That same is true for a Wifi dongle.  Hopefully, one from my junk drawer will work.

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