A new project is born …

Check out the brains behind my latest project, a Freescale M52233 demo board that can be purchased for only $40 + S/H from Mouser. This card features:

  • MCF52233 CPU
  • 60Mhz internal Bus
  • 256-Kbyte Flash
  • 32-Kbyte RAM
  • DMA controller with Timers
  • Programmable Interrupt Timer
  • 8ch x 12-Bit ADC
  • QSPI, IIC, and CAN Serial ports
  • Fast Ethernet Controller (FEC) and Ethernet Phy (ePHY)
  • (3) UART Serial Ports with DMA Capability
  • BDM / JTAG Ports
  • InterNiche TCP/IP Stack

You can’t beat the price for all the features.

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